Elven Assassin

The last time I played Elven Assassin was on my Oculus Rift probalby about 4 years ago. It was fun, I showed it to a few friends (who didn’t have VR headsets) and that was it.

Fast forward to 2021 and I wanted to test out Oculus Parties on my Quest 2 with a friend. We both fired up Elven Assassin and struggled to figure out how to make it all work. Oculus Parties doesn’t launch the game for everyone and from what I can tell, it’s just a private group VOIP chat. There’s some serious UX issues there.

After a few minutes of tinkering we got our game working. We went round after round in co-op, defending our village from the oncoming hordes of orcs, giants and dragons. I felt like we were defending Minas Tirith from Sauron’s army.

The game is essentially “tower defense in VR” and ends when your village is finally defeated (as far as I know, we haven’t survived a ton of rounds…yet).

If you exit back to the lobby and look behind yeah (as I said earlier, there are some serious UX issues in this game), you can upgrade your bow & helmet (unsure if it adds damage and armor or is purely cosmetic) as well as add special arrows and spells to the game (I upgrade my arrows to flaming arrows which helps when fighting the giants).

Overall, it wasn’t an intense workout, but we did burn calories. And with the daily 20 gold to grab in the lobby to motivate players to come back, I’m pretty sure we’ll be playing every day.

Also, with the recent public launch of Oculus Move, you can now track calories and time in VR. Granted it’s probably not very accurate, but it’s getting me moving and that’s what I want.